Private Guide

Tours with a private guide is the brand new way of traveling when using tourist services!
It is modern and very convenient.

Using a private guide allows you to customize your itinerary so you could visit the exquisite hidden gems of the world while traveling in comfort. A private guide is not just your tour guide. These private guides become your new designated friend that is there to make you feel like a local in order to fully discover the vibe and atmosphere of your destination.

Waterfront – Kinabalu Sabah

Who Am I

I don’t take any chances.
I pick what suites best for your tastes and budget. We can offer you a “camp in the woods” style up to a world class accommodation. You pick!
There is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” vacation. We know how it feels to travel with people who has a different interest. Oh, and we do private groups only.
I help families create life long memories such as assisting clients with their first memories together as a new couple, BFF getaway, or a big family holiday.
Have we mentioned that we had the super ability to changing and re-scheduling everything on a blink of an eye when mother nature steps in?
I go the extra mile, above and beyond, and that’s what we exactly do.


If you’re in a grade of planning your next vacation, no matter how much time you have left (one year, week, or day ; yes, seriously!), just drop us a line at the Contact Us page or send an e-mail straight to :

at [email protected]

Will be a pleasure to help you sort out your traveling problems!

Penang – Malaysia

Street Art – Penang (Malaysia)

Hanoi – Vietnam

Museum Ho Chi Minh – Hanoi (Vietnam)

Ayutthaya – Thailand

Ayutthaya – Thailand

Mui Ne – Vietnam

Redsand Dune – Mui Ne (Vietnam)

Melaka – Malaysia

ST. Church Melaka – Malaysia

Kinabalu – Malaysia

Cow Farm – Gunung Kinabalu (Sabah – Malaysia)